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Gyumri, Armenia



Status- idea

25  /   09   /   2016

Gyumri is famous for the buildings from different periods which have been constructed with unique materials, using traditional construction technologies and including decorative elements. As the city develops and grows over time, improvement projects are required to be initiated which will advise on the best ways preservation and conservation of the historical layer.

It has taken the initiative to propose and develop a handbook of how to preserve historic buildings and how these buildings can be used today. The document is created based on best international practices and similar projects and initiatives. The main goal of the handbook is to use Gyumri as a pilot city and a model for heritage preservation in Armenia and neighboring countries.

In 2016 this project proposal was presented to Gyumri Project Hope Foundation and was developed to a concept based on 2 years of an extensive feasibility study in historic Kumayri area.

Team: Lusine Martirosyan, Ruzanna Mkrtchyan, Siuneh Arakelian

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