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Gyumri development project

02   /   2016

Status- idea

Gyumri Project Hope established to be a catalyst for economic renewal and urban regeneration.

The 5 block study area is located on the left side of the main square of  “Kumayri museum-preserve”. It includes the area from Shirazi to Vahan Cheraz streets and from the Abovyan to Shirakaci streets.

These blocks were a significant part of Gyumri city urban development from the beginning of the 19th century.

The historical layer and the city structure of the study area have been preserved from the 19th century. A variety of buildings, construction materials and decorative elements typical to Gyumri can be found here.

The historic core is famous for the variety of cultural and educational functions and active youth zone. The most famous Armenian movies were filmed in these blocks


Team: Lusine martirosyan, ruzanna mkrtchyan, syuneh arakhelyan

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