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Administrative building 

Status- inprocess

2022  /   2023

We want to highlight this one project from several different projects within the framework of the Friendship Park reconstruction project in the city of Gyumri. The administrative building of the park, where the brightest ideas will be generated.
The main concept of the project was to create an environment that would harmoniously fit into the garden environment. We wanted to emphasize that the garden dominates here, and the building has a neutral effect on the environment with its architecture.
We have planned a small garden in the center of the building, which will serve as a corner for relaxation and reflection. In the project, we often turned to the Japanese philosophy of the architectural environment, because their entire philosophy is aimed at the preservation and harmonious integration of the natural environment. Thus, we wanted to maintain harmony in the design of the architectural environment.
We hope that we have managed to create an environment where people can think, work and create without losing touch with the environment.

Team: Lusine Martirosyan, artur hovhannisyan

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